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what is HD?
Human Design (HD) is a holistic self-knowledge system with roots in modern science (quantum physics, genetics, and neuro-gastroenterology) and ancient systems of understanding the natural world (Kabblah, Chinese I-Ching, Eastern and Western Astrology, and Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System). It aims to provide you with your energetic “design” — a map for personal exploration.
how does it help?
i love using HD with individuals and teams because it gives you a different lens to look at your own way of being and personal needs. regardless if you believe in ancient technologies based on birth information, if you are open it can give you a new way of looking at how you communicate, connect, and process information. this self- awareness can provide key information to ask and receive what we need to be our best intra-personally, interpersonally, and communally.
in terms of taste of HD, what if i would like more understanding of my HD or want to go deeper into this insight?
you're in luck! this is when i would recommend a HD reading session with me to get really into it. you can find out more information for an in-depth reading here.
in terms of HD readings, what if i would like more actionable on-going support?
so now we have the insight personalized to us, but information alone doesn’t really tell us what to do next. if it does, after we do that action then what? this is where a coaching partnership comes in! see more below. ⬇
can you guide me to select my pricing based on privilege and access?
absolutely! check out my guide here.

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coaching partnership

tell me a little about your coaching partnership!
we’re not meant to fit into the molds of what society wants us to be. we are so much more than productive worker bees, conventional lovers, and meme sharers. we know that; societally we are waking up to that. but if you’re like me, self-awareness is just information. you have it all in front of you and you’re like what the f*ck do i do with this now?
awareness alone isn’t enough unless we integrate into our lives. i want to be healthier and i got all these juice recipes but… owning a juicer does nothing for me if me don’t use it to make juice (me to myself)! this coaching partnership is for the person that wants to know how to integrate the guidance their chart for what they are currently desiring to shift to. this looks like meeting regularly and seeing what is in the air for you. though partnership, coaching, and mirroring we get to experiment. we things to try on based on your discoveries and design that we get to iterate until you get to a point where you can fly with your own wings. this can be a short or long term commitment, it all depends on what you need and the promise you make to yourself. my role is your guide and partner in your below to get a free discovery session on the books with me & click here to see my current pricing models.